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The grinder is designed for small workshops and balcony craftsmen. Grinder "Levsha 610" in 2017 received 3 awards at the international exhibition "Metalworking 2017". Reliable and proven model.

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The Levsha 610 Grinder is designed for small workshops and amateur craftsmen. In 2017 the Levsha 610 Grinder received 3 awards at the Metalworking 2017 International exhibition. It is a reliable and proven model.

The operations performed on this machine are diverse: shaping workpieces, sharpening cutting tools, removing coatings, grinding surfaces, etc. The machine is equipped with a 0.9 kW asynchronous single-phase electric motor with a forced cooling system and electronic protection against overheating, which allows it to be used in both amateur and professional fields.

The handy table has a wide range of tilt and height adjustments, which provides convenience and comfort in work. The ceramic cover of the machine allows to achieve high accuracy in processing, forming corners and edges as well as in leveling and polishing planes. This machine uses belts of  610 millimeters long


The belt has three working areas:

1) the handy table; it allows to carry out polishing flat surfaces using a ceramic stop;

2) aweigh; the belt deflection is possible, which regulated jointly by the belt tension and the clamping force of a workpiece; roundings and smooth transitions are made;

3) radial surface of the roller; it makes it possible to obtain radial samples in the material being processed.


It is also worth noting the distinctive processing capabilities of the Levsha 610 Belt Grinder:

1) The heat pressure from the processed surface is removed by the belt much faster than when processing on a machine with an abrasive stone, in other words, the workpiece is practically not heated.

2) The design of the machine allows a quick transition from one belt to another, which significantly optimizes the workflow and reduces the time spent.

3) In the course of processing the shape of the belt does not change, which ensures the equal result throughout the entire service life of the belt.

Video review of the "Levsha 610" Belt grinder

Processing of various materials

The Levsha 610 Grinder is perfect for grinding work of any complexity. This grinder does a good job of shaping, grinding, deburring and polishing parts of different hardness.

Various materials for processing can be used: alloy steel, titanium, powder steel, rapid, carbon, titanium, any types of metal alloys, and any non-ferrous metal products.

In just one minute and with just three ribbons you can sharpen, for example, a knife to such a state that cutting leather, twine and even rope will go like clockwork

See for yourself!

Perfect sharpening of tools

In just one minute and with just three ribbons, you can sharpen, for example, a knife to such a state that cutting leather, twine, and even rope will go like clockwork.

See for yourself!


1) The Levsha 610 welded frame - 7000 RUB

2) The single-phase OES-91 engine, 0.9 kW (maximum power consumption) – 6000 RUB

3) The drive pulley 95mm. - 4000 RUB.

4) The Barrel roller tension 29mm. – 700 RUB.

5) The Straight Parasitic roller 29mm. – 700 RUB.

6) The Levsha 610 Set of screws and bushings – 2000 RUB.

All these parts can be purchased separately from the belt grinder.


Dimensions: A*B*C, 500*230*300.

Engine characteristics: 0.9 kW/3000 rpm

Belt speed: 15m/s.

Weight: 10.2kg.

Support table size: 50*110

Tool size: 70*150mm.

Tape dimensions: 610*50mm.

Power supply: 220V.

We manufacture, not resell

We have been dealing with professional processing for over 20 years. Our production of 400m2 is located in Mytishchi, where we provide a full range of services for working with metal. We also manufacture various models of "Levsha" grinders, from small but functional 610 to professional 1250. We also always have everything you need for work - tapes, blanks and the necessary tools.

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