When buying a grinder, it is important to start working on a high-quality abrasive, the Starter 915 3M belt set is ideal for these tasks. The set includes 10 ribbons, 5 types of grinning (2 pcs each), greenness 80,120,180, A65 trizact (280), A45 trizact (480). The size of the tape is 915 * 50.

Set of belts "Starting 915 3M"

SKU: 915503
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  • The belts of the world's leading manufacturer 3M will allow you to achieve the fastest and highest quality processing. Set of tapes "Starting 915 3M" 10 tapes, 5 types of gritness, each with 2 pcs. (80,120,180,280,480) tape size 915 * 50.

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