3M ™ Scotch Brite ™ SC-BL sanding belts are designed for finishing and finishing metal surfaces. They are used to clean the surface, remove burrs, smooth the surface texture and apply directional hazards (satin finish). Scotch Brite ™ SC-BL belts are suitable for the processing of any metal and can be used both on grinding machines and with hand tools.

BELT 3M (P200) 915 * 50 SC-BL A MED

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  • 3M ™ Scotch Brite ™ SC-BL Abrasive Belts are diamond abrasives that can be used with equal efficiency when working with hand-held abrasives and specialty sanders.
    The ease of fastening the tape does not require special skills for its application, and the design features ensure the perfect grinding of surfaces made of any metals and alloys, wood, glass, and so on. The sanding belt is ready for use immediately after attachment to the sanding tool or machine.
    With 3M ™ Scotch Brite ™ SC-BL sanding belts, all stages of the surface treatment of parts are carried out:

    • debugging and finishing grinding;
    • alignment and cleaning of the product plane;
    • elimination of defects from the previous stages of processing;
    • removal of welds, burrs and bulges;
    • performing satin finishing, that is, applying directed risks to the product.
    The abrasive layer of 3MTM Scotch BriteTM SC-BL sanding belts provides a smooth and uniform surface texture. At the same time, the wear resistance of the belt, the reliability and efficiency of its operation, the quality of the ground parts are much higher than when using similar grinding tools for processing.

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