Semi-flexible sanding belt 237AA with alumina on a semi-rigid floppy fabric with a polyester impregnation, designed for dry finishing with light and medium pressure. An effective solution for the processing of stainless steel products, nickel products, cobalt alloys, as well as for the treatment of varnish surfaces.

3M A45 (P360) 915 * 50 237AA

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  • 3M ™ 237AA Semi-flexible sanding belts 3M ™ 237AA are used exclusively for dry sanding with low pressure. This is how the process of finishing and finishing of products made of chrome, titanium, non-ferrous metals, cobalt-containing and nickel-containing alloys, as well as stainless, hardened and tool steel is carried out. Parts of some types of steel after processing with these tapes can be brought to the 11th class of surface roughness without the use of polishing pastes.

    Semi-flexible sanding belts 3M ™ 237AA consist of:

    • bases from cotton fabric;

    • electrocorundum;

    • synthetic resin as a binder.

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