Sanding belts 251D produced by the 3M trademark are used for the initial processing and calibration of parts made of any kind of wood, plastic, polyester or epoxy resin, as well as for removing old varnish coatings. They are widely used for the treatment of parquet floors. 251D belts are actively used on belt grinders, as well as on hand tools.

Belt 3M P100 251D 610 * 50

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  • Sanding belts of this brand represent a dense fabric base made of cotton with aluminum oxide, grain size P80 or P100. The dimensions of the belts are 200 mm wide and 750 mm long. Before purchasing, you need to take these parameters into account so as not to lose the opportunity to use it on existing equipment.
    When choosing emery belts, their cost plays an important role. Cheap tapes break quickly or minerals crumble, rendering the tape unusable. Products of the American brand 3M are appreciated for their durability, and a wide range allows you to choose the necessary tools for grinding machines.

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