The 3M brand offers universal sanding belts of the 341D brand, which are designed for processing workpieces from non-ferrous metals, mild steels, soft and hard woods, leather and parquet boards. Emery belts on a dense cotton fabric are available in grit sizes P60, P80, P100 and P120. Their maximum width can be 1340 mm. 341D belts are actively used on belt grinders, including wide-belt machines, as well as on hand tools.

Belt 3M P80 341D 915 * 50

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  • 341D abrasive belts are high quality flexible abrasive belts. They can be matched to almost any grinding equipment for industrial or domestic use. The range of the company's products allows you to choose a tape of the required length and width. With the help of high-quality abrasive belts of the American brand, you can carry out grinding operations of any complexity, providing the required roughness on the surfaces of parts, both from hard materials and from soft materials that are sensitive to hard grinding.

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