In the photo and video tape beltgrinder " Levsha 610PRO ". Manufactured by together with the team. These machines have established themselves as loyal assistants for workshops of any size and of course they are loved by all knife makers. 1.1kW motor, belt length 610mm. An easy-to-use and compact machine will replace all bulky machines and abrasive stones for them.


The main advantage of such a machine is in simple qualities that no machine can replace:

1) The thermal stress from the surface processing the metal is removed much faster than when processing on a simple grind, in other words, the workpiece practically does not heat up in the hands, and the metal does not burn.

2) The competitive advantage of the belt grinder over the emery is that the "tool", in this case the tape, in contrast to the grinder emery stone, changes quickly and not compulsorily (change speed 5 seconds).

3) If you weigh the belt grinder together with the "main" belts, it will be twice as light as a simple sharpener.

All questions can be asked by phone 89258498000. We work throughout Russia through the Business Line TC. We look forward to collaborating.


Beltgrinder "Levsha 610PRO"

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A frequency converter
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  • Professional complete machine. Works from a 380V network or from a 220V network (when connected through a frequency converter).
    Unique for small workshops. Rotates 90 degrees!

    • Dimensions: A * B * C, 500 * 400 * 350mm
    • Motor characteristics: 1.1 kW / 3000 rpm
    • Belt speed: 15 m / s, in the presence of a frequency converter with the ability to adjust the belt speed from 3 m / s to 25 m / s.
    • Weight: 16.1 kg.
    • Support table size: 50 * 150mm
    • Working field: 50 * 190mm
    • Tool hand size: 120 * 250mm
    • Belt dimensions: 610 * 50mm
    • Power supply: 220V / 380V (with frequency converter - NOT SUPPLIED IN THE SET )

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